Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chrissy's Dietetics Experiences and Tips

Introduction: As a Dietetics student at Iowa State University, I've gained valuble knowledge about the basics of nutrition. However, I believe one cannot just "know" about nutrition and live a happy and healthy life. If that were the case, then the entire US population would be relaxed and at peace with their eating habits, their minds, and their bodies. I've asked numberous random people a simple question "What do you know about nutrition?" And I usually get the same response. Eat less, Exercise more. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid fast food and sweets.

So whats going on? And no, its not because we Americans are all lazy and stupid. We are hard-working, often spending a plethora of hours late at night in the office. Hmm..did someone say, "stress?"

Another problem- I've realized how easy it is to get food around this country. There is a 24 hour gas station ATTACHED to my apartment building. And where did I just get back from? Thats right, the gas station- where I bought a snickers bar and a take five.
How do I feel now? Definetly not full! I am actually thinking about eating some of my roommates candy corn mix. (I won't though)
How many calories did I just consume? I would estimate close to 600kcal. The snickers bar alone was 280kcal, with 14g of fat.
Why did I give into my temptation? For starters, I rarely actually go out and buy a candy bar. It's taken several years to train myself to just not buy that food, because if I do..I know it will be gone within minutes. I know how I am! I know that if chocolate covered candy is in the cupboard, or cookies are on the counter top, I will eat it!I gave in this time, because I ran a half marathon two days ago, and I figured it was about time for a little treat. (Moderation, Balance, and Variety - 3 KEY components to a healthy eating style)
So my rule is as follows: "I will not buy or bring calorie dense foods into my apartment, and if I do make sure that it is only a small amount like a serving or two"

What people need to realize is that we are human beings- our bodies love food because food is essential to our surivial. Therefore, we will do everything we can to make sure we are fueling our bodies.

The following list states the do and don'ts diet solution you need:

1) Do not buy easy to eat food items (such as chips, cookies, teddy grahams) especially in big quantities. If that is nesessary, separate the snack food into several individually wrapped bags.

2)Do not bring in high calorie food items into the house- such as poptarts, chocolate bars, etc.

3) Do Stock your house with plenty of fruits and vegetables. (Especially fresh ones, then you will have to eat them up before they go bad!)

4)Do eat plenty of high fiber whole grains. (Don't be afraid to go over the RDA for fiber which is 25 g/day, with time your body will adapt, and thank you for it)

5)Do eat several times throughout the day - for example 5 mini meals instead of 3 meals.

6)Do not eat when you aren't hungry. With time, this will turn into a habit of consistent overindulging, which will eventually seem like a normal way to eat for your body.

7)Do eat when you are hungry. Listen to your body! If you are left hungry for too long, the hunger hormones will kick in, and you will eat anything in sight!

8)Do eat a sweet or someother unhealthy item once a day (or at least every other day). This item should be around 200-400 calories. These are called "discrepancy calories".

9)Do not get depressed when you overindulge. You are normal- everyone eats more than they plan to sometimes! (Just make sure there isn't a pattern to your overeating- if there is, you may be an emotional eater, (which I admit I struggled with for a couple years)

10)Do realize that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and 21 days to break a habit, or replace it with a new one. So, if you are an emotional eater, I beg you to understand it takes patience, and a habit change to break this lifestyle. (Replace the old habit of reaching for that box of mini donuts, to writing a letter or taking a warm shower)

To be Continued.....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ames in the summer time...

Wow, I have not had this much free time since..well a long, long time. And I thought I would be too busy this summer! Maybe things around here will pick up once Summer classes start on May 15th. Also my teaching as a cycling instructor will also begin next week, although I will only teach once a week. At least I just got a new hamster so that will keep me amused for some of the evenings. I'm thinking I should think about volunteering at Mary Greely Medical Center, you know get some hospital and clinic experience. Plus, it would look good on the resume. If research doesn't get too hectic, I just may have to add volunteering into my schedule.
Wow, I've never had this much alone time. Usually either the family was always around, or my roommates. But now there is neither for the time being. My roomie now should be coming back in a few days, so then maybe I can convince her to cook yummy healthy dinners with me! That will take upsome more time too.
I guess nothing can ever be perfect - I am either too busy, or too bored. =)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Is school finished yet?

Wow, I am counting down the days until this semester is finished! Now don't get me wrong, I love college, just not all the mental stress that goes along with it. So we have 8 more days of class, and then finals. Finals week will be just wonderful for me with all of those five exams! At least I am finished on thursday, and not friday. So that means I can have a very enjoyable thirsty thursday before I move out on friday. Then, a few days later..the fun begins...(sortof) CDFIN research. And then even more fun begins,...triathlon season. Too bad I am too broke right now to sign up for any, so hopefully there will still be spots open in a month or two when I get a paycheck. TRIathlons....try them. When you do one, I guarentee you will do more. It is the most addictive sport. Ouch! speaking of my hamstring hurts. I always pull one of them; as soon as one heals, the next one goes again. Maybe I don't stretch enough, or maybe I don't strengthen those muscles enough and I have an imbalance. Again if I had the money I'd go see a therapist or something but thats not the case so I just have to figure out this stuff on my own! My plan of action is as follows: Ice after running, do running-specific drills on the track 2x a week, and strengthen by freeweights and weightmachine 3x a week, and of course stretch. ARG why am I so injury prone? ..I guess life goes on=)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

What exactly is a blog?

Hmm, Well I am not exactly sure what I am doing. What is a blog? Seems to me like it is some kind of online journal where pretty much anyone from ANYwhere can have access too. Creepy? Maybe. But I guess it gives me practice with my english writen skills. I lack in that area, as I am sure you can already tell by the sentences I have presented to you. Hopefully with time, my english skills can improve so that by the time I take the GRE or apply for real jobs after graduation, I won't make a fool out of myself.
It is easter tomorrow, yet I am already feeling sick of just the thought of more chocolate or Easter candy. ugh, I've consumed way to much already thanks to my lovely, generous parents who love to "fatten me up" when I come home from college. Oh well, we all have to indulge excessively sometimes right? Well, maybe not..but I unfortunatly have been blessed with a love for chocolate. mmm...maybe I am in the mood again.
Well Happy Easter to whom ever this reader is...(btw you better not be some sort of stalker type, I would back off now if I were you)