Saturday, April 15, 2006

What exactly is a blog?

Hmm, Well I am not exactly sure what I am doing. What is a blog? Seems to me like it is some kind of online journal where pretty much anyone from ANYwhere can have access too. Creepy? Maybe. But I guess it gives me practice with my english writen skills. I lack in that area, as I am sure you can already tell by the sentences I have presented to you. Hopefully with time, my english skills can improve so that by the time I take the GRE or apply for real jobs after graduation, I won't make a fool out of myself.
It is easter tomorrow, yet I am already feeling sick of just the thought of more chocolate or Easter candy. ugh, I've consumed way to much already thanks to my lovely, generous parents who love to "fatten me up" when I come home from college. Oh well, we all have to indulge excessively sometimes right? Well, maybe not..but I unfortunatly have been blessed with a love for chocolate. mmm...maybe I am in the mood again.
Well Happy Easter to whom ever this reader is...(btw you better not be some sort of stalker type, I would back off now if I were you)


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