Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ames in the summer time...

Wow, I have not had this much free time since..well a long, long time. And I thought I would be too busy this summer! Maybe things around here will pick up once Summer classes start on May 15th. Also my teaching as a cycling instructor will also begin next week, although I will only teach once a week. At least I just got a new hamster so that will keep me amused for some of the evenings. I'm thinking I should think about volunteering at Mary Greely Medical Center, you know get some hospital and clinic experience. Plus, it would look good on the resume. If research doesn't get too hectic, I just may have to add volunteering into my schedule.
Wow, I've never had this much alone time. Usually either the family was always around, or my roommates. But now there is neither for the time being. My roomie now should be coming back in a few days, so then maybe I can convince her to cook yummy healthy dinners with me! That will take upsome more time too.
I guess nothing can ever be perfect - I am either too busy, or too bored. =)